Suites Rebecca and Marie Louise

1 Person per suite : 55 €

2 Persons per suite : 82 €

3 Persons per suite : 95 €

1 Extra Bed : 23 €

Breakfast included

Rooms Pauline and Eugenie 

1 Person per bedroom : 51 €

2 Persons per bedroom : 64 €

Breakfast included 



Breakfast is served from 8h30 to 10h00 AM

Departure hour : 12h00 AM 

Arrival hour : 17h00 To 19h00 PM 

  • We are sorry, but we do not accept Credit cards

  • We accept Travellers cheques in Euros, French cheques or Euros

  • We remind you that the Manor is strictly Non Smoker and that animals are not allowed

  • On Summer period we have a two-night minimum stay requirement  Universal Currency Converter™

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